About the department

The Department of Accounting  is one of the basic departments in the faculties of administration and economics. It  aims through its academic programs to qualify accountants and auditors with the ability to meet the need of state administrations and business institutions for accountants with sound financial knowledge to be able to contribute effectively to sustainable development in society and provide business institutions with accounting, financial and auditing expertise. Therefore, the accounting departments, over the course of the study period of 4 years, strive to achieve this goal by providing accounting and financial programs supported by practice and training that enable the department’s graduates to achieve the indicated goals.



The Department seeks to qualify accountants who are able to work in government departments and offices, besides private and foreign companies, and to meet the market challenges and work requirements and keep pace with the developments in accounting techniques locally and internationally.


 The Department provides professional education in line with the requirements of the local market by teaching students to use modern accounting methods and techniques based on the curriculum of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It also keeps pace with international education and promotes the ethics of the profession  of the professional accountant.

Section goals

1. Preparing, both scientifically and practically, qualified cadres of accountants liable to undertake accounting positions and duties in the public and private sectors.

2. Putting educational programs in line with the ongoing developments in accounting techniques.

3. Preparing students for high levels of efficiency in the field  accounting in line with the process of economic development.

4. Enabling students to keep pace with modern technology, especially computers and the internet, using them in the fields and domains related to the Department's specialization to ensure top scientific standards.

5. Holding symposia, seminars and conferences in the field of accounting to highlight contemporary practical issues or problems.