Department head duties
Scientific Powers:
Hosting external lecturers to give lectures on specific topics to students and to suggest appropriate rewards in accordance with financial controls.
Implementing the decisions of the University Council and the College Council in relation to the department.
Managing the department in terms of scientific, administrative, educational, cultural, financial, technical and student affairs.
Supervising the progress of teaching and its methods and the performance of the duties of the faculty members.
Preparing scientific, quarterly and annual reports on the department's activities and submitting them to the dean of the college.
Preparing student training programs.
Directing university research according to the needs of the country.
Recommending the appointment of the department rapporteur and his representative in his absence.
Formation of the examination committee in the department.
Presenting research to scientific committees for the purposes of consolidation and promotion.
Distributing students to training sites, distributing supervision among the department's employees, and issuing the necessary administrative orders for this.
Suggesting the issuance of administrative orders for university sabbaticals and additional lectures according to the actual need in accordance with the university regulations in force after the approval of the College Council.
Supervising the scientific affairs of students for the various stages of study.
Suggesting experts to consider scientific promotions for the department's teachers.
Assigning any of the teachers to carry out teaching tasks as needed, regardless of the ceiling specified by the higher authorities.
Approval of faculty members giving lectures in academic programs for other departments.
Approval of the nomination of faculty members to participate in the technical, administrative and scientific committees.
Directing inquiries to faculty members in the event of their absence or delay in entering lectures and holding them accountable.
Presiding over the scientific committee in the department.
Introduce the scientific departments at the university and the corresponding scientific departments in other Iraqi universities and the Technical Institutes Authority regarding scientific and teaching affairs or the lecturers and obtain the necessary approval to benefit from their services, provided that the Deanship of the College is informed of that.
Informing other government departments and institutions for the same purposes mentioned in the above paragraph, provided that the Deanship of the College is informed of that.
Issuing the necessary administrative orders in relation to the scientific affairs of the department after obtaining the approval of the Deanship according to its scientific validity.
Discussing the curricula and their vocabulary and textbooks and suggesting their replacement or modification according to the chronological age of the textbook.
Determine the department's needs of teachers, technicians and administrators.
Suggesting the preparation and special conditions for admission to the scientific department, according to the absorptive capacity.
Recommending the approval of the final results of the students of the department and following up the students in everything related to their academic career.
Distribution of lessons to faculty members in the scientific department.

Administrative powers:
Signing the annual bonus and promotion form in the direct manager field for all the department’s employees and recommending giving them bonuses and promotion.
Approval of granting teachers the regular vacations they deserve in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
Approval of granting employees and workers the regular vacations they are entitled to in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
Recommending letters of thanks and appreciation to the department’s employees as well as to those outside it in cases of outstanding performance.
Recommending granting fellowships and study leave to the department's affiliates.
Distributing duties to the department’s employees according to what the department’s scientific interest dictates and issuing administrative orders to do so.
Calling the department council to convene in exceptional sessions when necessary.
Recommending the issuance of dismissal decisions due to absence for those who exceed the permissible percentage of the department’s students in accordance with the instructions in force.
Issuing warning orders and failing students for absence or for their negligence and violation of regulations and instructions.
Issuing administrative orders for giving lectures by affiliates or external lecturers (in coordination with the Dean of the College) and opening their records or forms while checking them in accordance with the administrative orders issued in their regard and following up on the disbursement of their wages by the department secretariat in coordination with the financial department in the college.

Financial Powers:
Recommend financial assistance to needy students of good conduct.
Granting financial rewards to the department’s employees and others within the limits of financial allocations and spending on budget items and articles to meet the department’s needs.
Recommending the import of all laboratory and applied materials, equipment or supplies from outside the country and according to the appropriations approved by the department and through a committee formed for this purpose.
Purchasing books and periodicals within the country within the allocated credit.

1- Head of the Law Department Council

2- Head of the Examination Committee in the department

3- Head of the scientific committee in the department

4- Head of the Educational Guidance Committee in the department

personal information:

Dr.. Sajjad Sadiq Al Haid

Certification: Ph.D

Awarding body: College of Administration and Economics - University of Basra - Iraq

Academic title: Assistant teacher

Awarding body: University of Basra

General Specialization: Economics

Detailed specialty: Petroleum economics

Date of occupying the position of deputy head of the department: 6/12/2021

Scientific contributions

Supervising student graduation projects for the year 2021-2022 = 25

Masters Discussion Committees = None

Published research = 4 (2 published and 2 in progress)

Authored books = 1 in progress

Participation in scientific conferences = 3

Evaluation of scientific research = 2

Scientific seminars in the year 2021-2022 = 3